Science Addiction

What we do

The world is sick. It’s stupid. We are the cure.

We like to be entertained, and we like to entertain others. Also, we like truth. There is no such thing as alternative facts. There are however many alternative ways of presenting those facts. In Science Addiction we bring together music video directors, visual artist and senior scientist, creating science-based films you watch not because you have to, but because you want to.


Telia – music experiment

What music do you really like? With the help of an experimental set-up from an ongoing Greek research project we measured the brain waves of three of Norway’s biggest mainstream artist to unveil what their brains tell about their actual musical preferences.

Sushi & nuclear

Many people find the word ‘nuclear’ scary, most of whom don’t even know what it means. Enter blogger and nuclear physicist Sunniva Rose. Sushi & Nuclear is a soft and personal introduction to the world on a subatomic level. A mixture of tiny atoms and big bombs, physics and femininity.

Shot under water

Water resistance is massive. I can tell you – or I can show you. Clip from award-winning series Life on the Line. The clip has more than 25 million views on YouTube, making it one of the platform’s most viewed science clips.

Telia – music freedom

Results from medical research experiments and hardcore medical research papers meets everyday human beings. Music is good for you. You know it. Science backs it.

Who we are


Where smart meets smartness.

Science Addiction is what would happen if a music video director and a mathematician had a baby. Indeed, that is exactly what would happen. Science Addiction is the lovechild of award-winning director Christian Holm-Glad and professor of medical statistics Jo Røislien.


Science Addiction is a creative collective of scientists, film makers and communicators. Combined we have dozens of PhDs in everything from sperm and nuclear physics to mathematics and medicine, along with hundreds of international film nominations and awards. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest music artists, created award winning science TV-series and films, and commercials for international brands.


Why we do it


Were you ever motivated by force?

Knowledge is what separates us from the cavemen before us. Take away our knowledge and we’re all just a bunch of savages with cool toys. Our main challenge today is not to generate new knowledge – it’s the process of effectively transporting knowledge from those who have it to those who don’t.


We live in the age of film. Never before have we consumed more moving pictures than we do now. Still, most attempts to engage people in science, in knowledge, in truth, tend to focus on classrooms, teachers, educational tools and tests.


In Science Addiction we do it differently. By using the language of popular culture, the language of music videos, commercials and feature films, we want to inspire and entertain with science. To create science based films you want to share with your friends, your foes, your teachers. To teach by proxy. Force will not teach you anything. Motivation will.


Where we’re going

If you have it – share it.

Science Addiction is currently building an international film channel for scientific content. Entertainment and edutainment. Hero content and underdogs. Short films, feature films, indie films, mainstream films. Always true to the truth, always true to making presentation our first priority.


Our previous work has already found its way into classrooms and learning material all over the world. We are currently collaborating with a team of renowned innovative Scandinavian teachers and educators, building learning material for STEM teachers on all levels on how to use these films to create exiting STEM classes for hands-on learning.


Nobody owns our knowledge. We want to help share it. To everyone. Fast. Free.